Tranz Lozenge Running Lever Balding

Neue Schule

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Excellent for a horse with a sensitive mouth that tends to block through the rein. When a contact is taken on the snaffle rein, the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge rolls down onto the centre of the tongue, the “sweet spot”, enhancing feel and responsiveness, thus a higher level of communication is achieved. The loose ring is more flexible, discouraging the horse from leaning, which may happen with the fixed cheek. Two reins allow the rider to differentiate between the snaffle action and the gag action (lift within the mouth). However, many riders only employ the gag rein which maximises on control and lift from the shoulder. Use either in conjunction with our own rolled leather cheeks, aesthetically pleasing and softer in their action, or our rope cheeks that have a sharper action as they slip back and forth through the cheeks more quickly.